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I need new speakers.

I'm getting way too many pop-ups on this fucking computer. The tower is hinting to me, "I am going to melt your harddrive and you will be screwed."

I'll be getting a new vehicle sometime within the next few months, going to school next month and probably working full time. I've been thinking on getting a tattoo soon, something simple.. but I know that I'll eventually regret it. Definitely will get something for my grandpa, maybe a mix of things. Nothing too extreme, even though I am fucking extreme. HXC.

I'm always forgetting about this journal; I write two pages at least every night, after I read a little bit. So, why not post on the interweb as well!?

Fuck. I love music.

I'm loving these autosaving capabilities on most internet "bloggers".

Anyway, more later.
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