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Did something drastically change? Did my personality just twist around and choked in on itself? This is absolutely stressing and all I'm doing to cure the whatever feeling I have is chomping hard on these alphabetic pretzels and stare at the middle of my computer screen and watch it start to flicker. It's not really flickering, but sitting well deep into the darkness makes things flicker a bit, fuzz up and such.

There's mighty rain and heavy thunder going on right now. I always liked sitting on the porch while it is raining, possibly smoking and letting some rain drops hit me from the wind.

I might be doing some traveling soon, possibly right before the school semester starts. I don't know. I have to find time to just get out of Buffalo for a short while. Go to NYC to see my friend Justin. I wanted to head over to the west coast, but I don't see that happening anymore. Although flight tickets aren't that expensive; I don't know.

It's nice gaining a good amount of motivation just from doing some simple tasks, or talking to people. I was drinking vodka last night like it was water, and besides that.. three people said that I looked like I was in good spirits. [eheh, spirits.. vodka] It's a really fucking nice to hear that, basically because I've been wearing the opposite of that for most of my life. I was smiling a lot last night, and it's kindof embarassing when thinking about it..


Have to get up early for a workshop tomorrow morning.

I'd like some comments. I miss a certain boy.
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