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So, things are official. The past entries really show myself how uncertain I was about him, and my life. When he came back from visiting his family for a week in nyc, jersey and shit, he told me that he really really liked me. Not too long after he asked me if I would want to move with him to Virginia, and I accepted. It really took me by surprise given that at I didn't even know that he would want to pursue being with me, and now.. BAM! So, I think I might go. He's working things out with his friend down there, and there might be a job lined up for him. I just got a job here in Buffalo, supervising a nursing home kitchen.. so I'll only have this job for a couple months, tops and then I'm out of here. Further research definitely needs to be done, on so many levels. This is just so new to me, and I feel I will really grow into myself when I know I can live on my own, and depend on myself.

Of course my ma is worried, telling me that I should work for a while and then move down there. I'm seriously running into everything blind. Should it end up bad, then I'll have to accept that. My mistakes are plentiful, so learning from another one wouldn't hurt. I realized that I only have a limited amount of friends, and my best friend being my own cousin. It's not really a shocker to me that I've lost contact with a lot of people, but maybe it's for the best. I know who I want in my life.

I've been so happy since December of last year when we started dating and hanging out from time to time. We have never fought, (knock on wood) and our communication is a gorgeous thing. Everyone has their faults, but I feel like I've found a true friend, and on top of it he's THERE for me. He's mine. Greedy, perhaps. Selfish, perhaps. The happiness I have as of late is fantastic.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I'll always be a Buffalo chick. I love this city, but everyday I know there is so much better. I'll always love my family, whether they be here or across the world.

Real big things baby, real big things.

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